BECOMING A MEMBER easy as long as there are places available.


As an Art Edition member, you will receive an individual, limited and signed bottle sculpture every month. Our impressively large 1.5 liter magnum bottle is first processed in a complex printing process. The bottles then travel to the artist's studio. He revises or supplements each bottle individually. This is followed by manual numbering and the bottle is signed by the artist each bottle is an artwork that only exists once. The artwork is delivered in a box that has been adapted to the current design, so that you can already see from the outside what to expect. 
Of course, the magnum bottles are filled with Salzburg Gaisberg water.


You can purchase the artworks from us as a member with a monthly subscription or from our partners as a single bottle. The subscription costs EUR 99,- per issue including shipping in Austria and Germany (other countries see FAQ), single bottles can be purchased for EUR 149,- from our partners. It is only debited in those months in which an artwork is also delivered - it can happen that an artist does not finish on time. There is no minimum commitment for everyone who registers by the end of October 2023: since we accept a maximum of 998 members, there is a waiting list in the event of greater demand and if a member leaves us, they are moved up from this list. From autumn, the minimum commitment period for subscriptions will be 3 months. 

Here is the registration form...