EACH bottle individually processed by the artist - no two bottles are alike


A unique exhibit every month - delivered directly to your home with a subscription for EUR 99,- including shipping (to Austria/FRG) or as a single bottle for EUR 149,- (plus shipping).


Monthly changing artists.


Each piece signed, numbered and in a strictly limited series. That is the idea of the Gaisberg EDITION AUSTRIA: the continuation of the premium claim for "water" to the field of art.

And above all: a platform for Austrian artists on the one hand and the ideal way for our members to build up a unique and not quite everyday art collection with a high potential for value increase on the other...




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Albert Dschulnigg starts with his crazy colorful Mozart - as the painted might have seen himself.




Like all future editions of Edition Austria, this one is also a unique artwork, individually edited by the artist. The design results from the combination of a high-quality glass printing process and the subsequent individualisation, which is carried out by the artist himself. After that, each bottle is numbered and finally signed.






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