(c) Eva Keller

With his art, TABBY brought variety in the streets for the first time in 2013. Since then, TABBY's stencil works can be found everywhere from Japan and the USA to Europe; not only on the street, but also in many street art collections around the globe. His work ranges from serious political criticism to messages of love and life, to the absurd and everyday, almost always with a good pinch of humor. 


"The goal isnt to destroy but to add something interesting, unusual or thought provoking in an unexpected location. Its something you might be happy to find on a random walk one day and that wasnt there the day before."


Meanwhile Tabby has made a name for himself internationally, yet some still compare him to Banksy. Although one cannot deny certain similarities: from the anonymity as an artist to the stencil technique to the message of his versatile works - there is always this special pinch of Austrian-style humor.


“What happened in the world now and in the past? Usually, I show it with a bit of humor, because the meaning behind it is easier to understand."


Actually, there are more than 200 works by the street artist scattered around the world.  


“Life gets boring, everything becomes routine, nothing ever suddenly changes for the better. But if theres suddenly something new on a wall youve walked by for years, then it might just brighten up your day."


Because of his unconventional and uncomplicated approach, a Tabby "Edition Austria" becomes possible: he rarely sprayed bottles, but "the idea is new and I think it's cool - I'm in." Just Tabby.