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ARTHENA MAXX aka Michaela Lukmann was born in 1969 in the small town of Bärnbach in western Styria.


After completing technical training at BULME in Gösting near Graz and numerous additional training courses in the field of financial engineering and a university course in real estate management, she worked internationally as a business incubator. Lukmann, mother of three daughters, has been working as a freelance artist since 2013.

At the charity auction event at Dorotheum 2018, Arthena Maxx was voted one of the top 70 artists in Austria.


Lukmann has been running her own gallery in Voitsberg since 2019. In recent years, Lukmann's work has been presented at several international exhibitions and art fairs, including in Switzerland (Swiss Expo Zurich 2019, 2020 and 2021), in the USA (Art Miami 2019, 2022), in Spain (Art Barcelona 2021) and in China (Art Beijing 2019) and Hong Art Museum Chongqing Pashmin Art 2021)

as well as Venice Biennale with ARTBOX Group (2022), ART Munich 2022, Arte de Mallorca in the Casa del Arte Palma de Mallorca and in December 2022 again at the ART Miami Basel.


Among 400 works and 40 artists in the Art Museum Chongqing Pashmin Art 2021 exhibition, she was selected as the only painter for Aesthetica Magazine for her extraordinary art dress sculptures. From their works and digital graphics, limited ARTCHAIRS and ARTBAGS were created for the first time in England. She founded NFTISM as an art and way of life and transforms all her works as NFTOKEN into forgery-proof digital artworks. That is why she was a participant of the first Global NFT Congress in Belvedere Vienna in 2022.


She took part in three major auctions: ALBERTINA Vienna with Dorotheum Vienna September 30 Artwork: WASSER ist LEBEN 2021, auction at Antik Möbel Hesz GmbH Artwork: SPIRIT of LIFE 2021, auction at Kulturzentrum Oidanativ Artwork: TEAM.


In 2022, the artificial clothing sculpture "ZEDERNICA" was created in the Mikizzan workshop for 777 years in the city of Voitsberg. Arthena Maxx bequeathed the cycle #VO777 to the city of Voitsberg. In 2022 ARTHENA MAXX was nominated in 7 categories at the Creativ Club Austria Award and at the Artprize Luxembourg with 14 ARTWORKS and Art Laguna Prize.


In January 2023 she started her first world tour with selected paintings combined with her digital arts "DieMAXXo" under her art form NFTISMUS with exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, Miami and many more, as well as participation in the Arte Firenze (purchase of her work by the Redi Collection), Arte Roma, Arte Bratislava (among the 3 best works in the exhibition out of 200 works) and Arte Venice (best work in the exhibition) were nominated by the art critics.


As an autodidact, Lukmann developed a style of painting that can be assigned to fantastic realism, but goes far beyond this due to its specific choice of material: Lukmann paints on different surfaces, not only on canvas, but also on textiles and clothing and transforms them into extraordinary art clothing sculptures and tapestries that Combine materials such as gold leaf, silver leaf, Swarovski crystals, acrylic paints with different painting techniques. Airbrush, acrylic painting on canvas or spatula technique are just three examples from Lukmann's artistic repertoire.


In terms of content, Lukmann treats a wide range of topics in her works: the human eye or parts of it are recurring motifs.

Since 2013, "Arthena Maxx" has created 45 work cycles consisting of around 700 artworks (paintings, tapestries, art dress sculptures, prints & graphics, digital art, ceramics, photographs, videos, etc.).



Kunsthaus Zug, founder of the Mikizzaner workshop in Voitsberg, member of the Grazer Kunstverein, member of the Styrian Werkbund.

Ranked among the 1 million best artists in the world by Artfacts, and for the art form NFTISMUS the cornerstone for the arts rating of other traditional as well as digital artists and NFT artists.

Founder of the Museale Art Center Mikizzaner, the Mikizzan artist community and project Bärn-ART, initiator of the

independent women's art Woman-ART, as well as womenism.