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Robert Freund - Triebwerksschaden

Robert Freund studied representational painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, initially in the master class of Hubert Schmalix and Peter Dressler, later with Schmalix's successor Amelie von Wulffen and Peter Dressler. Since graduating in 2007, he has worked in Vienna and Tyrol as a freelance artist and also teaches glass painting, drafting and design at the Kramsach Glass School.


Robert Freund's professional focus is on representational painting. Theme-related digressions lead to techniques of graphics and installation or assemblage of self-made ceramic and glass objects. In his visual language he uses multi-layered allegories and narratives - sometimes comic-like flashy fragments, then again echoes of various art historical and handicraft references, but always as thought-provoking, complex, conceptual syntheses of the most diverse influences from art and cultural studies. The artist describes himself as follows: "Retrospective, introspective, foresight and confrontation are terms that have meaning for me and are important to me."


In terms of reception, Robert Freund's works were also placed in the vicinity of the New Leipzig School due to his narrative approach to painting. This is reflected, for example, in a photo commentary on Robert Freund's cycle "Triebwerksschaden", in which one of the works is titled "a kind of  Neo Rauch on LSD". Freund's work shows references from art history, pop and subculture, outsider art, handicrafts, lowbrow.


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Grants and awards





2007, 2009 and 2013

Glass technical school (HTL) in Kramsach/Tyrol

Advanced course for arts and crafts and design in Kramsach/Tyrol

International Summer Academy for Fine Arts Salzburg Prof. Xenia Hausner

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Master class Prof. Hubert Schmalix and Prof. Peter Dressler

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Master class Prof. Amelie von Wulffen and Prof. Peter Dressler

Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna;

Robert Freund has been working as a visual artist since 2007




Osthaus Museum, Hagen 

Von geheimnisvoller Schönheit | Zeitgenössische figurative Positionen

Galerie Goldener Engl, Hall in Tirol

Robert Freund | Einzelausstellung

Galerie Schmidt, Reith im Alpbachtal


parallel vienna

Voyage à contre-courant

Galerie Schmidt, Reith im Alpbachtal

25 Jahre Galerie Schmidt

Troadkastn, Kramsach

Das Wachstum der Regenwürmer

Plattform 6020, Innsbruck

Untold Stories | Einzelausstellung

Stadtgalerie Wetzlar (D)

Ausblick in die Tiefe | Einzelausstellung

Plattform 6020, Innsbruck

Kunstankäufe der Stadt Innsbruck 2020

Kunstforum Traodkastn, Kramsach

Sichtbar Verborgenes | Einzelausstellung

Hoast, Wien

Altar der enttäuschten Erwartungen | Einzelausstellung

Neue Galerie Innsbruck

Ecologies of care | Mitgliederausstellung der Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft 2023




Prize for representational painting from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Georg Eisler Prize – advancement prize for young painters

nomination, vault | Bank Austria Art Forum Vienna

Walter Koschatzky Art Prize – International Art Award

Nomination, Vienna, 2007 and 2009 jury purchase